NBC-Universal merger: A cause for concern?

Fare thee well pretty Peacock!

Make way for the purple Behemoth! 

I sent this message around to some friends, but I figured it's something interesting to blog about. The NBCU has merged with Comcast cable company to create a Media JUGGERNAUT! It became official as of today. I really don't understand the half of all this corporate business merger lingo, nor will I pretend to, but this definitely raises the question-

What is the future for our websites, blogs and video content being put out there for Voyagers? 

Voyagers, as we know, is owned by NBCU. Will Comcast storm through and ravage all of us? I've seen entire websites threatened by lawsuits and asked to be removed by petty little networks like PAX TV (which kept changing it's dumb name ten million times). I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Youtube, with the start of the new year, has been cracking down on very popular channels that feature fan-related content and videos, like the lovely 'leapme' who promoted Quantum Leap and the works of Scott Bakula. My antennae is up, because QL was owned by guess who? NBCU.

I want to give fair warning to my online Voyagers fans. Just in case this merger spells the beginning of the end for all the fan-work. I'm not worried…yet. I'm figuring out a major game plan. If I ever lost the website, it would be BLOG city for me. I really do like this little blog. I can already say that I will have links to download zip files of screen-caps and other pics. I will write many more posts and share all the old articles, scans and writings again, etc. etc. But we'll just wait and see. I won't jump the gun, but if push comes to shove I will bite the bullet and do all I reasonably can to preserve the Voyagers! Legacy for all the fans. You can trust me on that.

That's why I make sure to copy and update all my website text content. Because after 5 years, it would be impossible for me to re-write everything. :P Well, painstaking anyway!


  1. Perhaps you ought to collect snail-addies on all of us, so if the worst does happen, we can still send fanzines through the mail! ;D It sounds flippant, especially with the little grin tacked at the end, but I really am deathly serious. If they make sites like fanfic.net take down the Voyagers category, and other sites with V-fic to come down, we will have lost our contact; for some of us, it's almost like a junkie's "fix." The fanzine isn't dead yet; as long as studios/corporations can't let us have our fun at nobody's expense, it's going to live.

    On the bright side, nobody is more jealously possessive of its rights than Disney, and yet, they have not moved to make FFN take down its Biker Mice from Mars fandom, or YouTube to take down any of the clips from the original series. (Yes, BMFM fans, DISNEY owns them now!)

  2. That's a good idea, Jake. I have about 50 or so snail addies from the mailing list of my website-I should send around an email asking for updated ones in case this does happen. Oh I have another bone to pick with FF.net in my next blog post. LOL. But seriously, I am so glad I just finished updating all my stories in case that does happen. We'll have to wait and see.
    That's true, Disney hasn't made me take down any of my B&B clips from my Robby Benson channel, I had put up a clip from the 2000 dvd release of him talking about the role. So this merger might just be all corporate and they'll live us little fans alone.
    I am loving the idea of a Fanzine more and more and more. ;D

  3. Uh oh. Mergers are rarely a good idea. When a bunch of our TV channels over here all got merged, quality went out of the window, to make way for typical big business money-making nonsense.

    As for your website, unless you are offering episodes for download, they don't actually have the legal right to shut you down. People think they do, and crumble, but there's very little legal foundation for a complaint against a site such as yours. Technically screencaps are subject to copyright, but in practice, only an idiot would really try to enforce that properly. I would advise being wary of posting clips in future, though.

    And boo hiss to the loss of the peacock. Don't these people have any respect for TV history?!

  4. I wonder what that means for NBC? I'm not a big tv watcher anymore. The only thing i'm concerned about on NBC these days is 'Chuck' which is still going strong.

    I should consider taking down my 'Random Voyagers' clips, i was just up to episode 15 or 16! lol. But I wouldn't want Youtube to yank me off because I have so many separate clips.

    Yeah a big boo! I think they are keeping the peacock for somethings, and granted it went through many changes throughout the years, but it was always a 'peacock' with colors. lol. darn it!


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