The omni and Guidebook cake – 1983 style!

These cakes were lovingly baked by the Meeno Peluce Fanclub. The omni cake was shared with both Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce when a few members of the Fanclub went to visit him on the set of Voyagers!

Jon and Meeno by Meeno's trailer – Where they all went in and enjoyed the treat! The episode being filmed that day was 'Destiny's choice' (One of my favorites of the latter season) as you can see by Jon's outfit.


  1. An Omni cake! Wow what a neat idea and great pictures of the two of them! Destiny 's Choice was a sweet episode and I liked Miss Bliss . She was much better than Jackie Knox! too bad she was not in another episode. Emily W

  2. Hi Emily! Yeah, it was such a cute cake, and she said that Jon really loved it. lol. And why not, free cake! haha. Yep, I really liked Veronica Bliss, that's why I gave her a story with Bogg. lol.


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