Scott Bakula & Jon-Erik Hexum: Before there was Quantum Leap…

This is a truly wonderful, tribute to Jon-Erik and Voyagers. Leapme on Youtube is the ultimate Scott Bakula and Quantum Leap fan. After seeing my videos and website it rekindled her love for Voyagers and Jon-Erik.

I think it's so brilliant how she incorporated all the similarities between the two shows through clips and photos. There really were a lot. One thing always inspires another. Voyagers and Quantum Leap were two fantastic shows, regardless of how long they lasted on the air. Enjoy!


  1. I think my favorite there was "Before there was 'Oh, boy,' there was 'Bat's breath!'" And the visual similarities are even more striking! (Has she spotted Al's pin on her own yet? ;D)

  2. Oh, I loved that part too! And the wrestling with the Roman Arena, lol. I'll tell her about Al's pin! :D

  3. What a sweet and loving tribute to Jon! I never watched Quantum Leap , but watching this video I can see how the shows were a lot alike. It would have been neat if they could had crossover episodes with both actors guest starring on the others ones show , that would have been really cool! Thanks for posting this. EmilyW.

  4. Question: What was Bellisario doing in 1982? Answer: He was producing Magnum: PI. ;D

  5. Yeah, she said she knew that, and maybe should have wrote 'What was Bellisario WATCHING in 1982' lol. Her video gears are turning and she may be planning to make a video where she puts Sam and Bogg together. I'll be on the look out for that one!


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