Sherman, set the WABAC Machine for…

Time travel is still a hot plot commodity in Hollywood. Up next is a 3-D version of the 60's Hanna Barbera short, Peabody and Sherman! The cartoon was originally part of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. 

You can read a little more information about the movie in the Entertainment Weekly Article I scanned. Robert Downey Jr. will be voicing Peabody, and that's a good choice.

Peabody and Sherman has a very big connection to Bogg and Jeff. The cartoon was James Parriott's inspiration to create Voyagers! I'm just glad the lead time traveler evolved from a stuffy, super-intelligent dog, to a bumbling, charming, gorgeous pirate who couldn't tell you Eisenhower from Einstein at times. As for Sherman, he's totally Jeff, but with red hair and coke bottle spectacles.


  1. Jeepers! This brings back memories,can you imagine Jeffrey saying jeepers Bogg!LOL. I didnot know that this was the inspiration for Voyagers. I really like the idea of a yellow light on the Omni,wish they could have used that idea on the show. Robert Downey jr.a Peabody I think thats a great choice! EmilyW

  2. That would have been so funny to hear Jeffrey say 'Jeepers!' I guess that phrase evolved to 'Can it!' haha. My idea for the yellow light, was that it was a 'warning light' that connected one Voyager to another regardless of the time zone. But wait a minute, I *think* you read all my stories, so you get the idea! lol. Robert DJR can bring that smugness to the dog, I definitely hear it.


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