Jon-Erik Hexum Fantasy: Real life Soap Opera (Honeymoon Interruptions)

Eve Plumb is one fortunate lady!! ;D One of my favorite Fantasy clips with Jon-Erik Hexum.


  1. Wow!! Eve Plumb was so lucky! I remember when Jon was on Fantasy ,but I don't remember this clip! where did you find it! It is too bad Jon never got a chance to do comedy he could be so funny! Thanks for posting this great clip! EmilyW .

  2. This clip is from the Jon-Erik Hexum scrapbook of clips that you buy from the Fanclub. I only put a few little segments because most people who buy it will get a 4 disc set of different things. I just put this one and the beach workout one up-which I should post here too. That one is so hilarious! You're right, Jon would have been great in comedies because even though he was gorgeous, he could laugh at himself and be silly. At least Phineas Bogg had a few chances to be funny. :D


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