Jon-Erik in Pointillism & Crosshatching--Art by C.A.V. 2010

A simply beautiful drawing a fan shared with me. He had over 40 scans of his progress and I said wow, this deserves a slideshow! Pointillism style takes a lot of patience and talent. The artist told me that once the ink hits the paper there's no going back. My sister drew one a few years ago of actor Clancy Brown in pencil and I was amazed then too. You can see that here.

When I told C. my idea for a slide-show and asked for a song, he recommended "Sleepy Shores" by James Pearson because it was a hit when he was born and it's a beautiful piano piece. I can just imagine Jon-Erik playing this one. It's lovely.


  1. What a lovely slideshow, very sweet! This picture of Jon was always one of my favorites and the artist did a wonderful job. The music is so beautiful and I can imagine Jon playing it ! EmilyW

  2. I wonder how many WEEKS it took him to finish that! I've always thought that artists who work in pointillism are just plain AWESOME.

    Generally speaking, I've always wished for an artist who would be willing to illustrate fanfics. There was a time I could have done it myself, but I haven't picked up a pencil in so long, I'm doing good to draw a cartoon.

  3. Thanks! I wish I still drew, I would have drawn for fanfiction. That's what I originally went to college for, Illustration, anyway. But it didn't turn out. I found art to be more of a hobby than anything. I want to try a portrait of Jon with pencil and colored pastels. I love that medium. I will do my favorite picture with the black polo shirt.


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