One of those days…

Where it's the beginning of a new month, I come home ready to relax and do some big website updating, with images that I've specially saved for this update, and to work on two fanfics in progress. A long awaited Voyagers sequel that's already 9 chapters in-thank goodness I can just copy from Fanfic-but I was actively writing chapter 10. And another fandom I've never written for before. (Man from Atlantis) that is nearly 3 chapters in.

But, the folder also included pictures of so many different things as well as other important files and is now totally gone. I had a bout with insomnia these last few days, I may have mistakenly deleted it as of last night.

Needless to say I did an Edvard Munch inspired scream...or pretty much emulated the painting above, no actual sound came out. I am now actively trying to recover my deleted files with a special program...i may have to pay for it by the end.

Anyway, I'm not even in a mood to even think, I just wanted to vent. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. If you had them stored at your g-mail account, that may be why they went missing: I just read that G-mail had a major glitch that dumped something like 150,000 user accounts. I hope yours wasn't one of them.

  2. Hi, no I didn't realize that happened on G-Mail! I would have been pretty sore if it was mine, maybe because I'm very active on it. Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately it was a big folder of stuff on my hard drive. I couldn't use the program to get it back, it was one of those demos and the cost of it was 100.000 I don't have. I'll get over it. Thank goodness the Voyagers story is already up on FF, so I can just rewrite the few pages I had on chapter 10 and continue. Right now I'm bummed and don't feel like writing anything. My other story was getting good too. ARRR!


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