Fun 19th Century Photos

These photos prove to me that society just went totally nuts by the turn of the century… as if they aren't more-so today. And what is up with posing with Skeletons? Goes to show people have always had hysterical sense of humor.

Taken from this Tumblr website...most are just a riot.


  1. These photos are just plain creepy! , makes you wonder what they did for entertainment. What is with the kid who looks like he is wearing antlers? Emily W.

  2. You're right, they are creepy! That one with the antlers is a total crack up. Poor kid, unless he thought it would be funny to be wearing them all seriously in the photo. haha. Oh to be a fly on the wall at these photo sessions.

  3. The first "skeleton" picture is easily explainable; with that worn-out top-hat, it was probably supposed to be Abraham Lincoln. Don't know what's up with the other one.

    It all just goes to show that they had their own sense of humor back then, incomprehensible to us because our culture has change so much since then. A century from now, people will look at some of our crack!pics and wonder "What's up with that?"

  4. They had a very distinct sense of humor! LOL.

    You know it was probably so amazing to be able to take photographs way back then, a luxury almost. I can imagine people in the next century like, gee, don't these people from the 21st century ever let up with all these photos!?? LOL. There are so many pictures with all the digital technology these days.

  5. The picture of the tall man with the little man superimposed onto his hand is easily explained - he was one of the tallest men known at the time (I think that's his mother that he's posing with). The man apparently in his hand is probably the smallest known man of the time as well. I guess in those days it was a lot harder to get them together for a proper photoshoot!

  6. Hi Swordz, i thought those two looked familiar. Nice, so it was really old school camera trickery. Photoshop before there was photoshop. lol.


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