Dolly & Duffy

I love Dolly Parton. She is a human barbie doll and she knows it, she loves it, and her good humor and sweetness is completely contagious. She's just fun. And yeah, I'm one of the few people that seriously enjoyed Rhinestone Cowboy! People talk about how bad the film was, and how Sylvester Stallone was terrible, so out of his element. Uhh, to those folks, that's the IDEA, it was a joke! Big, New York Italian cabbie is forced to become a boot stompin' cowboy singer…he was a total fish out of water, and remained that way pretty much through the whole thing, yet it was all in fun.

But I digress. This post is about Dolly and Duffy!

Yes, this Duffy

Not this Duffy-(Julia Duffy, who also played Nellie Bly in 'Jack's Back' on Voyagers. There is no relation)

I found this adorable, hilarious skit from Dolly's variety TV show in the later eighties. Apparently she had a segment where she had then famous actors on and invited them to her 'house' as 'dates.' I think you'll enjoy this clip! And honestly to date, I don't think Patrick Duffy has ever played a truly bad/evil character. Goofy, dumb, a little wayward, frantic, mysterious, stubborn and headstrong, but nope, not bad! And I've seen nearly everything he's done. He's just a really nice guy!


  1. Too bad Dolly Parton didn't just do a year on Dallas vs trying to bring back variety! JR Ewing and Dolly Parton would have been interesting.

  2. While I never really watched much of Dallas (I was too young to know what was going and just born in '80) But I can totally picture her on the show. She could give J.R a run for his money with her sass. So funny.


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