Man From Atlantis (Fan-Made Opening Credits)

I've seen enough TV in my life (Perhaps too much!) to know what opening credits are like. I used the last of my Man From Atlantis clips, getting it out of my system so to speak, (So i can get back to Voyagers! videos) to create an extended series opener. Despite varying opinions on the show, I enjoy it. Unfortunately they are no longer up on Youtube. The theme music, created by Fred Karlin in 1977, is really beautiful and does invoke thoughts of the ocean. I like this version.

This version below is a very nice re-mix too.


  1. MFA is no longer on YouTube? Oh dear. She didn't get deleted, did she?

  2. Hi Swordz,

    No, not her entire channel. Warner Brothers which owns the rights had youtube take down the episodes. She still has her other stuff and her own MFA fan video. I hope that means WB is considering releasing the entire series officially, even if it is 'Made to order.'

  3. I'm glad she didn't lose her whole channel. I've had that happen, and it's really annoying!

    A lot of people post entire series without any trouble, so maybe a release is on the cards, yes! It's the kind of thing that Shout Factory might consider. They've put out a lot of shows that have smaller fandoms, so I wouldn't be surprised.

  4. Hey there. Did you ever watch "Simon & Simon"? It was a PI show that ran for most of the eighties. Somebody has been posting full episodes on YouTube, and I was just watching one that guest-starred Belinda Montgomery. And she actually gets to do more than just press buttons! ;)

    Thought you might enjoy watching. It's here.

  5. I had never heard of shout factory, they actually released the 'Small Wonder' show wit the little Robot girl. lol. Thanks for the tip. I have a feeling Warner is too big to just release it to an outlet. They should do that with Superboy too! ;(

    I've heard of Simon and Simon, but never saw it. Can you send me a link to that one? Belinda Montgomery was also on Doogie Howser as his mom. I don't remember much of that show either,but I know it was always on. lol.

  6. DURR...HELLO, I should have read the entire message. You DID send me the link. lol. Thanks!


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