Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Design–Yay or Nay?

Please say YAY! Hey everyone, if you've visited since last night, you'll notice I made a lot of changes to the design scheme here. I wanted something eye-catching, yet true to my tastes for earthy colors and also what I consider to be 'Voyagers colors'-which would include some or all–brown, tan, sepia, orange, pure red, somewhat neon green, mustard/golden yellow, cream, beige, rust, black and royal blue tones. 

I'm very attached to my 'Omni malfunction' title photo, even though this is called 'Guidebook.' It has that old-fashioned and, there's that word again, steampunk, look I really like. I also added a navigation bar with links to static blog pages. Just stuff about the purpose of the blog and a page about my online interests. I may add more pages later. What would you like to see? I was thinking of a page with my favorite Voyagers videos, and possibly taking some info off my website, like bio pages for the Main characters. I can add up to ten of these pages.
I wanted to use my own background and had the perfect opportunity with using the inner cover of the beautifully designed German edition of the Voyagers DVD. Their main cover is beautiful too, but I didn't want all the colors to distract from the blog posts itself. So I chose to use an understated, beigy Bogg, Jeff and Omni! It still boggles my mind how gorgeously packaged the German DVD is compared the U.S, they sincerely put more time and effort with the carefully crafted design.

I unfortunately can't make the text bolder on the side links, but I think between the green and red on the beige it's visible enough. I wish they had an option to put outlines around other text, like the titles. But Blogger seems to be getting better with their design updates, so they may add that in time.

So, I appreciate your feedback!


  1. I like! If *I* can read it with my eyes in the shape they're in, anybody can! ;D

  2. Yay! I love what you have done! It has a nice crisp feel to the site. I wish they had done a better job with the U.S . copy of the dvd and put a little more care into it. I like the idea of favorite Voyagers videos. Emily W.

  3. Thank you both. I like that word 'crisp.' lol. Yeah, the silver box of the U.S release threw me off. This isn't Drake's show! I think I will go with the videos page. I just gotta figure out which ones. I would like to put other people's vids up too, like DoloresLehman's great vids and Klaatubes and BlueCanvas2. All excellent. I can probably make 2 pages.

  4. Oh, hello. Revamp! :) It looks nice. A change is often nice anyway, but I definitely like what you've done. I didn't much like the German DVD cover - they made Meeno look plastic! Turning it sepia as you've done improves the picture no end. It makes a good background.

  5. Thank you Swordz! I think he looked plastic on all the boxes, and then Jon-Erik looked like he had orangy red lipstick on in the U.S Cover. Over saturation. Jon looks great on the German one.
    Actually the sepia color is the inside of the German DVD box, I didn't have to make any changes. All I did was crop it so that they fit nice and snug in that corner. lol.


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