Voyagers!:'s that GUY!

A rousing, fast mambo tribute to the frequent players on Voyagers. How many different episodes can you spot? Blink and you'll miss them. Notice how confused Bogg and Jeff look half the time in the reaction shots. ;P Many thanks to my 'eagle-eyed' friend Dolores! Enjoy!


  1. What a great video! I thought I had spotted the actor who played Jeff's dad in one of the episodes ,but I was not sure. I am not fond of that dress they used in both episodes, but maybe the wardrobe people liked it. Thanks for posting this wonderful video!EmilyW.

  2. Thanks Emily! If you spot anyone else, send me a message, because I post it on the website. I have a feeling I didn't capture everybody I could have, but I wanted to use the main ones. I liked the color of the dress on the Princess, but I guess they had a different camera or filter on Mabel's episode.


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