Voyagers! On-set related injury

*Update 2011: You can now read the story of what happened to Jon by Meeno Peluce himself here!
Thank you Kim for your research and persistence in getting an answer!*

I was recently given this clipping that featured Jon-Erik and Meeno talking to Peter Barton (The Powers of Matthew Star) and there is an unmistakable giant white bandage over his eye. YIKES!
Not that any injury is cool, but unfortunately that was the first word out of my mouth the second I saw it. Then I cringed and yelled out, 'Poor baby!!!' and meant it.

I couldn't remember where or if I ever heard he was injured on the show–aside from the unfortunate thumb mashing inflicted upon him by Meeno. And with a throbbing thumb, Jon picked Meeno up like a football and they filmed that running scene which we see in the opening credits. That bit of information is like Voyager lore here. Look closely, you can see said offending thumb bruised in the 'Green Light Kid, we did it!' shot.

Or how about some scraped Knuckles to go with that Hot dog and relish?

 I asked some  of the fan experts and was told that Jon mentions another on-set accident in the TV Guide interview, 'His cloud is bursting.' So, it might be in there…Nope, it's not.

**(Yes, go right ahead, that's a PDF link to download the article, my friends! I created that especially for you. I just now realized I only had it up in pages in my Voyagers photo album. PDF's make life easier, don't they?)**

It's actually a great Interview, and the one that featured Jon and Meeno on the California cover of TV Guide, in costume from 'The Travels of Marco Polo…and Friends' Though why they even mention 'Time Tunnel' is beyond me…okay, it's not, considering that was a somewhat popular time travel series prior to this one, but still, it probably threw people off.

While there is no mention of Jon nearly losing his beautiful eye, at the end the writer witnesses a fireball striking a tree just after the canons at the 'Battle of Hastings' goes off. So, for now, this injury will have to remain a mystery. It could have happened anytime. One of my guesses is during the pirate fight on the beach, or maybe even the Roman Gladiator fights. However, I decided that when I continue with my Voyagers! Marathon (I'm up to episode 5) I will look closely to spot any make-up covered bruises, have any of you noticed? Drop me a line!


  1. OMG! His eye looks terrible! you are right Poor Baby! this is news to me I knew of the smashed thumb , but never heard about his eye. I wonder if Meeno remembers this injury? The t.v. guide article is wonderful! I love that picture of the two of them! Thanks for posting it!. EmilyW

  2. Thank you Emily. :) I'm sure Meeno would remember. And i guess too when you're an actor on a adventure/action series there's bound to be injuries all over.

  3. Actually, not that I guess..I KNOW! :(

  4. Ouch! Poor Jon Erik, he really was accident prone. Maybe he got too close to all the fireworks at the Battle of Hastings?!

    Although you made me smile talking of looking out for injuries as you watch! You ever seen "Cut-Throat Island"? It was notorious for on-set injuries, and you reminded me of my younger sister, trying to spot them all. :D There's one scene where an explosion catapults a wooden barrel through the air, and you can clearly see it bouncing off Matthew Modine's head. It was very considerate of him to wait until he was off camera before he collapsed...

  5. Hi Swordz, you're right, he's so athletic and all over the place, he's bound to get injured here and there. That could be it. Though I'm looking at the haircut in his picture, it seems shorter, like the later episodes..well, mid point-I think it was shortest in Ep. 15 with the Titanic. By 19 with Mabel it was really thick and longish again.

    I still have to see Cut Throat Island! I'm surprised i never saw that way back, I don't know why. Oh, wow, I've John Wayne was notorious for not showing pain, seeing as he nearly collapsed a few times in his later films due to the cancer and stuff. And he's worked through injuries, something once smashed his foot and as soon as the director yelled cut, he screamed. lol. I don't remember which movie though.
    I watched my clear copy of Man From Atlantis, and at the end when Mark is wading through Schubert's lair and all the sparks are flying and things falling, you literally see the sparks land on Duffy's head and he immediately throws himself under water and puts them out, then gets back up and keeps on walking. It could have been a major Michael Jackson moment. He went through a lot of pains for that show. In a interview a few years ago he said that the nerve endings in his feet are all messed up, from being barefoot all the time, so he has to always wear the 'comfy' shoes now. The interviewer was rather snarky and stuck up in the presentation, like she went in there with an attitude already, so she's poking fun at him for wearing clogs. What a jerk and I don't use that term lightly.-anyway, getting off topic! lol. But there are some things in shows and movies where you know a stunt went wrong. :(

  6. New thought! Maybe he got nicked in the eye during the pirate sword fight on the beach!


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