Voyagers! 30th Anniversary DVD Petition

Calling all fans of Voyagers and fans of anyone and anything related to it! If you like time travel-sign it. If you like 80's tv, sign it. If you think Jon-Erik Hexum is gorgeous-sign, young Meeno adorable-sign. All history buffs-Please sign! :D

Please sign the petition to give Voyagers! the 30th Anniversary DVD release it deserves. The petition goes into further detail, but to sum it up-while the fans were thrilled to have this show on DVD, the studios who put it together left us with nothing extra or supplementary to enjoy. Universal apparently has a reputation for being 'bare boned'. But I've seen series with even less episodes released by them and it had some extras.

Through the fan work over the decade, we all know how much memorabilia and related media there is to include on this. Just look at the website, Voyagers Guidebook. Even the German language Voyagers! release (through an independent company I've learned) had gotten a far better DVD treatment that included an episode guide and pictures and more. You can read all about the differences here and even download the inserts! (But it's all in German of course)


  1. Fantastic idea ! I would love to see them do a better job and do a nice tribute to Jon! Thanks so much Ginger! Emily W

  2. Thank you Emily, I know it's a real long shot, but why not at least try and see? I'm not big on extras, but for something like Voyagers, I'd love it!!


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