New Fanfic: Voyager Shadows: Poor little rich girl

Hey all my fanfic readers, 

I got right down to business and started writing my second 'Shadows' story this time featuring Phineas Bogg's POV and his mission. It's a little unusual this time around as Phineas could find himself at odds with Headquarters for taking it on. The story picks up from where chapter 4 of 'Jaiden's Tale' left off with Bogg, when Jeffrey leaves to finish his mission. I kinda thought it would be a cool segue and it helps to connect the stories, making this a true series like I desire it to be.

Voyager Shadows: Poor little rich girl

Phineas is assigned to help Natalie Powers, a sixties teen who appears to have it all, but is empty and lost within. Phineas must alter a mysterious and tragic circumstance, but doing so may put his entire career as a Voyager on the line.

As always, I employ visuals of my main characters to help me along with the story. Of course we all know Phineas Bogg, but like I mentioned in my last blog post, this a mature, pushing 40yrs old Bogg, and for that there is no image. :( It's probably not very hard at all to imagine how spectacularly Jon-Erik Hexum would have aged with his good looks. And 14 years from when Phineas was 24 and carousing through time would hardly make a big difference.

But just for some Phineas Bogg visual-A clean cut image that hearkens back to the early sixties-

Natalie Powers

Michelle Nelson-Powers

Kevin Powers

Barbara Walden

And Jeffrey Jones in his 20's!


  1. Can't wait to read your story! Love your visuals you chose,I like to imagine that Jon at forty would have looked a lot like the picture you picked,What was the line that Jeff says in Old Hickory and the pirate ? Thats clean living for you. I love that you chose the sixtes for the story it is such a popular era right now. EmilyW.

  2. I've always wondered if Bogg and Jeffrey would age normally..I mean they're never in one time period longer than a few days so unless they settled down somewhere would they age?

  3. Actually, they DO age normally. Remember, in "Agents of Satan," Bogg said, "We're regular flesh and blood." They may be moving from one time zone to another constantly, but 24 hours is still 24 hours, and they age at the same rate no matter how many times they change time zones. Say, in "Worlds Apart," the mission took two days. Jeffrey changed time zones twice - once when he landed in Menlo Park, and again when he left it - but when the mission ended, he still had aged two days.

    I hope I didn't just make a puddle out of that! ;D

  4. Great question Kathy! I used to ponder on that. But as pargontwin said, they DO age normal. They're only human, and I believe Jeffrey had two birthdays pass on the series, even though for us it was one season show. They probably just have a harder time keeping track of how old they are and stuff. Bogg always seems to think he's Methuselah-playing cards when they were made out of rocks, telling Drake he could have went a few centuries without seeing him again, etc. etc. So that does put a question out there. Though he is old as dust since he was a pirate, at least 300 years! LOL.
    But we never know what to expect because it was only one season, the VHQ and the Tribunal and that whole 'race' of Voyagers were very mysterious, who knows where they would have went with that? :)
    And thank you Emily! I've been a little stuck in the sixties lately watching the TV Show the Fugitive, which is actually inspiring this story in ways. I always love the idea of the drifting hero and in a way, Shadows are like that.


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