New Superman Photo revealed!

I took the liberty of saturating this picture, it was too cloudy and gray! C'mon, Superman is bright and primary! Stop dulling down the heroes and costumes to suit your emo-anti-heroes today, please.

Now this to me is not exactly what we'll see in the film itself. It's obviously a promo picture. Just by the length of that cape alone, Superman is not getting off the ground. I've read horror stories of one actor who donned the costume and had to do take after take after take because the averaged-sized cape kept getting caught on furniture, in the door, etc. etc. So seriously, that's a 'promo cape.'

Remember the Voyagers! promo pics? Did Phineas Bogg wear the vest and a naked chest at all on the series? Nope! That was just to sell it and perhaps the studios were still playing around with the original outfit. Look at the color of his pants and the color and thickness of his stripe. And his sash. ALL different.

My big gripe with this costume in the promo pic is the rubbery latex texture. What's with the scales? This isn't Aqua Man. And there's no red underwear. But that seems to be catering to the new generation. Because starting this September, DC Comics is revamping 52 of their superheroes, including the biggies. and Guess what? Superman has no undies! And notice from the comic cover how is suit looks like armor? Look closely on Superman's left thigh and you'll see something similar. Now tell me, how is it that someone who is virtually indestructible save for a green rock, needs ARMOR? As far as the suit getting damaged? Well, Superman mythology according to my understanding is that his suit was made from the fabric inside the baby rocket when he landed on earth. Again, indestructible.

Henry Cavill is a gorgeous man, so there's no problem with his looks and he's about 6'4 in height! Woohoo! Now that's Superman's real height in the comics. His bulk is fine. Men bulk up and down all the time for different roles. His Superman hair? it's perfectly black, but a bit over-styled with a Jersey Shore & 'Gotti boys' ultra sheen. But on closer inspection of the pic, there is a lot of light on his hair, so that's most likely the culprit.

Unfortunately a lot of Superman fan boys and girls are complaining about the missing 'S' curl. It could be a flub, it could be like I said, just a certain promo pic. Now if the real Superman's hair is wavy, not curly, where is that curl coming from anyway? As you can see, Cavill has nice curls!
This is no way judging the movie itself. All that remains to be seen for next year. And this time I will be going to see it! I can't wait!


  1. Interesting pictures and I like your thoughts here! To me Christopher Reeve will always and forever be Superman, no one else could ever take his place. And the first Superman film with him to me is the only one ever needed. But I did love "Superman Returns" with it's respectful nod to the original films and I teared up a bit at the dedication to Christoper Reeve at the end. Plus I thought the guy who played him (name totally escapes me) did a beautiful job at the role. Don't know what I'll think of this film if I see it though..I've heard they're going all dark which automatically puts me off it, but..we'll see.

    PS: I have no clue in the world how to answer comments (I've looked everywhere for a button or link to do so) so thanks so much for all the comments on my posts! Glad you found them fun and/or interesting and hope you enjoy the Ray Bradbury story when you read it!:)

  2. Hi Kathy, I agree about Reeve, though I did love the Superboy actor and thought he would have made a great 'Superman'. I didn't care for Superman returns so much, but I really like Brandon Routh, he looks a lot like Reeve, and I actually felt that his talents were pretty wasted, he barely had lines. But he did his best with what was given. I wish he had another chance to play Superman. Hey I did a Man From Atlantis Blog on here and I actually chose him to play a new Mark Harris! When I did my dream casting. LOL.
    It seems like everything is going all dark lately. :P It is so off-putting.

    Unfortunately there is no 'reply' button-weird right? They need to add one. But if you post a logged in comment on your blog posts after mine, I am subscribed to you now so I'm pretty sure I will get a message that you posted. If not, I'll have to check my 'notification' settings on my profile. Thanks!

  3. Ah, okay, thank you! I'll go and do that now that I've finished the post I was writing (I'm totally addicted to this site now *G*).

  4. Just a quick comment..I'm going closed comments on my blog now (if I can figure out how to just allow you to post and no one else I'll do that). Really sorry about that but due to some difficulties on LJ recently I'm a little paranoid about the kind of things strangers write. :o

  5. Hmm. Not sure I like the idea of an emo-Superman. Surely the emo stuff is what Batman is for?! Superman is just supposed to be... Superman. Still, it's far too early to knock it, I guess.

    The picture made me smile, though. It reminds me of Batman & Robin, where George Clooney and co are all decked out in matching rubber costumes, and they look like escaped models from an S&M catalogue. No way can you be a superhero dressed like that, especially in America. One punch, and you'd collapse from heat exhaustion...

  6. I prefer Christopher Reeve as Superman, but this guy seems okay. What I noticed about Bogg's costume is in the pilot episode his shirt seems different than in later episodes, and his vest also changed as well . I love that picture of Jon! EmilyW

  7. Hi Kathy, thanks for letting me know about the comments. darn! But I'll still read your posts, I really like them. :) Swordz, I don't think this guy is gonna be an emo superman, but I'm noticing a trend ever since Spiderman 3. lol. Maybe not emo, but laden down with serious issues.
    As for the costume, I guess the only man who can take the heat would be Superman! But really, there's nothing wrong with the tights.

    Emily, you're right, Bogg's costume changed very much in the latter half of the season, the pants got baggier (which actually made them seen SAGGIER) and the vest was no longer suede, it was like felt or something, much cheaper material. But that all came with the budget cuts. sigh. In the later episodes to his shirt was opened all the way down his chest, hey, you're a time traveler, don't tell me you can't find a good seamstress around!

  8. That's tailor, G. Before the 20th century, a seamstess only did women's clothes; tailors did men's clothes. Anything else wasn't "proper," unless, of course, it was family. ;D

  9. That's good facts to know! Either way, will SOMEBODY step up and fix that shirt? Bogg won't tell if a seamstress did it. haha.

  10. *pops in*

    Okayyy...I got it set to a restricted setting so they should be opened to you now. Let me know if you can't comment.:)

  11. I did not know that a seamstress only did women's clothes!,but that makes sense. Why did Jeff's clothes never change? did'nt he outgrow anything? EmilyW

  12. Actually, up until the mid-80s, it was normal practice to have a TV character always wearing the same outfit. I mean, the Cartwrights wore the exact same outfits throughout the entire twenty-five year run of Bonanza!

    Bogg's outfit should have worn out, too, considering the shape that vest was in at the beginning of the series. Yes, Meeno certainly did outgrow the outfit he started the series in, but when the studio got a new one, they got him the same thing. I really don't understand why; that was just the way things were.

  13. Arr, hate when I post and forget to copy and then click comment and boom, doesn't show up. I somehow shut off 3rd party cookies on my preferences for the last 2 days! arrh! No wonder!

    But anyway, I agree Jake. And it's funny how by 'Jack's Back' Jeff's pants were just riding up the ankles, but the shirt was a little different. Characters are often recognized by their clothes, Bogg and Jeff were definitely recognizable. It's also funny how Jon fit everything perfectly. Bogg's clothes were so tailor made. Sometimes even better than his actual pants. LOL


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