Thursday, September 15, 2011

Voyager Teaser Promos

For the fans who want a quick Voyagers fix, At a fan's suggestion, I added all 19 teaser trailers to a new Youtube playlist. So enjoy! Don't know why I added this Robin Hood pic, just felt like it. :D It's nice. :D

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to the Future Sneakers!

Check out the really cool new Teaser Ad Nike Mag released! Marty McFly's awesome silver/holographic self-tying sneakers from BTTF-2, called 'Marty McFly's Kicks.'

Now all I'm waiting on is the Hoverboards they promised us since 1989. I'll never forget how excited I was at 9 years old reading all about that in our school's Scholastic Monthly Newsletter. I'll take mine in shiny, neon purple please!

Thank you Scholastic, for always teasing and tempting children with grand promises of all things time travel and failing to follow through. *Cough!…Cough!…Voyagers!…TV show…acck! Books…Cough!!!…*

New Guidebook Amendment ;D

Open Omni Pinkie Etiquette. 

Brought to you by Voyager Dayna Budde. The Queen of Acronyms.

When flying the friendly Voyager Skies through the wormhole, make sure to follow Phineas Bogg's example and keep arms and Pinkie OUT.

I added a brand new photo album for 'Voyager from the Unknown.' This set includes screencaps that were never before seen on the actual television series. Most likely they were scenes that were cut and/or re-filmed for the direct to video feature. I also screencapped some of the lovely artwork that features Voyagers planet, and Bogg getting his guidebook. It's a shame the last painting of Bogg and Jeff was covered over with end credits.

I captured some of the conspicuously eighties technology that was used as Voyager Mission control in this film. That was very cool because in many of my fan-fic stories I had ideas just like that, as did many of the other great fan-fic writers out there. Voyagers left the concept and design of Voyager Planet, the Academy, and anything else wide open for interpretation. :D In this movie the worm hole theory is used when they take to flight. And Bogg looks as if he's literally flying when he gets to the next time zone!

Friday, September 2, 2011

'In the blink of an eye' and 'Dreamwalker'

I had some engaging conversations about Photoshop, Voyagers and Jon-Erik Hexum with Deviant Art artist 'Ficklestix'. I took some time to look through their work. I was floored by the talent and skill on every poster and manipulation. It made me appreciate Photoshop all the more and has encouraged me to work on some more digital creations.

My favorite part of their album is the homemade DVD covers. They are absolutely amazing. Two of them impressed me so much I wanted to blog about them. And not just because of the gorgeous artistry of the covers, but the wonderful movie concepts created by other Deviant Art user 'wicked616'. They too have a love for Classic Hollywood and great photo manipulations and DVD covers I'm still looking over. If/when I find the time I would love to make my own DVD covers, maybe a new one for Voyagers! :D

'In the Blink of an eye' is a spin on 'The Time Traveler's wife' and it stars Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in what would be their fifth and final movie together. I would pay to see this in a flash. Enlarge the covers and read the back description for the film. Bogie and Bacall really lend themselves for these covers because they had so many gorgeous photos together. The chemistry was amazing.

The next film is a twist on 'Inception' called 'Dreamwalker' and it stars a Rogue's gallery of classic actors. Carey Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum, Spencer Tracy and James Cagney. I love how the cover looks, it's so dark and sleek. The back cover photos take more liberties with photoshop, but it's so cool.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jon-Erik Hexum photo manipulation

My first subject is Jon-Erik Hexum of course. It took me a little over an hour following along with a video tutorial but it was fun. I want to do one similar with Bogg and Jeff together. But I think I went too 'dark' for my first attempt.

I was inspired after seeing this Deviant Art gallery and the artist gave me the tutorial link. I LOVE what they did with the classic actors.