Back to the Future Sneakers!

Check out the really cool new Teaser Ad Nike Mag released! Marty McFly's awesome silver and holographic self-tying sneakers from BTTF-2, called 'Marty McFly's Kicks.'

Now all I'm waiting on is the Hover-boards they promised us since 1989. I'll never forget how excited I was at 9 years old reading all about that in our school's Monthly Scholastic Newsletter. I'll take mine in shiny, neon purple please!

Thank you Scholastic, for always teasing and tempting children with grand promises of all things time travel and failing to follow through. *Cough!…Cough!…Voyagers!…TV show…acck! Books…Cough!!!…*


  1. I could never get into BTTF (yes I'm probably the only person in the history of the world who doesn't care for the movies) but those shoes are AWESOME!!! Reminds me of those light-up sneakers that everyone had when I was a kid and I so desperately wanted a pair. Alas they were too expensive/frivolous and I didn't get an allowance so I never got them. I truly think if I saw a pair now I'd buy them.:P

    And yes, I'm in one of my "nostalgic for the '90s" moods today, don't mind me.

  2. LOL. Maybe it's not your type of time travel? Wasn't sweet enough for you? I'm one of the unfortunates who really disliked the time travel concept and its repercussions in 'Somewhere in Time' yet the movie is visually stunning with a great cast. As for the shoes, I don't know if these are being put on the market permanently or just for a while to make proceeds for Michael J Fox's Parkinson's charity. There are a few different commercials out there, one with Doc himself. lol.And in that one, they say that the power lace version won't come until 2015. haha.

  3. Yeah, that could be. I prefer time travel thats either very fun and friendship like The Time Tunnel and Voyagers! or a romance like "The Love Letter". I thought "Somewhere In Time" was lovely and heart-breaking, though, and I've always liked Christopher Reeve. <3


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