New Guidebook Amendment & Voyager From the Unknown


Open Omni Pinkie Etiquette 

Brought to you by Voyager Dayna Budde – Queen of Acronyms.

When flying the friendly Voyager Skies through the wormhole, make sure to follow Phineas Bogg's example and keep arms and Pinkie OUT.

I added a brand new photo album on the website!

This set includes screencaps were never before seen on the actual television series. Most likely they were were cut and/or re-filmed for the direct to video feature. I also screencapped some of the lovely artwork that features Voyagers planet, and Bogg receiving his guidebook. It's a shame the last painting of Bogg and Jeff was covered over with end credits.

I captured some of the conspicuously eighties technology that was used as Voyager Mission control in this film. That was very cool because in many of my Fan-Fic stories I had ideas just like that, as did many of the other great Fan-Fic writers out there. Voyagers left the concept and design of Voyager Planet, the Academy, and anything else wide open for interpretation. :D In this movie the worm hole theory is used when they take to flight. And Bogg looks as if he's literally flying when he gets to the next time zone!


  1. I love the way you cleaned up the screenshots, too; when I saw them on YouTube, they were so fuzzy, on some of them I couldn't make out what I was seeing.

    You'll get a reference to that scene in the tunnel in my story, though; I interpreted all that computer equipment as massive servers.

  2. I actually just bought a better version of the Voyager from the Unknown and screencapped from there. The one I had on youtube is horrible. lol.

    I'm thinking of just making a bunch of clips of the omni flight the Headquarters sectors to show the difference between the show and this. That's cool you reference the tunnel!

  3. I love the painting with Bogg and Jeff! it is so sweet ! Too bad there is not a copy of it somewhere . The show had so much potential ,I often wonder what stories they could have done if they would have given the show another season. Now days another network might have picked it up. EmilyW

  4. You're so right Emily. If NBC still didn't want it today, then Sci-Fi channel would have picked it up fast, they are owned by NBC now anyway. Sci-Fi channel was the station that started the re-runs in the nineties. That's how I got to see it for the first time. :D

    I tried to contact the artist twice this year but never heard back. Oh well. There is no new information on him after 2006. It could be possible he died?

    Here is his website-

  5. LOL!!! Love the pinkie thing..I don't know if you've ever seen "Road To Avonlea" but the instant I saw that I thought of the episode where Hetty is teaching Gus manners and she keeps saying "Pinkie, up, up, up!". lol.

    Great caps! Those paintings are really interesting.:)

  6. I know of Road to Avonlea, I can imagine Hetty teaching that to Gus. LOL. Thanks!:)

  7. It's a Canadian show so it was pretty much everywhere when I was a kid and eveybody was obsessed with it.:P I love it, though, even went to see where it was filmed.:D


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