Voyager Teaser Promos

For the fans who want a quick Voyagers fix, At a fan's suggestion, I added all 19 teaser trailers to a new Youtube playlist. So enjoy! Don't know why I added this Robin Hood pic, just felt like it. :D It's nice. :D


  1. I love this idea! watched a couple of trailers before I went to work. He makes a great Robin Hood! Emily W.

  2. I don't think you need to have a reason for adding gratuitous Robin Hood. It's a reason in itself. ;)

    That was a splendidly historically inaccurate episode, though! They did so well on their American history, and then when they tried to do British history, they went all Errol Flynn! :D

  3. That may very well have been the point, Swordz; just having a little fun with something that almost nothing was known about at the time - at least as far as we knew on this side of the Pond. ;D

  4. Thanks Emily! I'm surprised I never thought about that idea until someone asked.

    Yeah, Sometimes it's fine to just throw a pic in there for good measure.

    I think they were inaccurate all around the pond. lol. But then I remember what they were teaching from textbooks all through the eighties and early nineties, it probably was all true to them. I remember my sixth and seventh grade (Jeffrey age) history class and it was very similar to the way Jeff spouts off his facts.

    I personally think they went all Errol Flynn with the Pirate looks too. But why cover Jon's spectacular face with a scraggly beard and all that? And thank goodness he didn't have a Dutch boy! haha. But it would have been fun to see him get the makeover ala 'Making of a Male Model' teehee!


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