Ilya Salkind Documentary

"Welcome to the Salkind Universe. An era that changed how Hollywood sees Superman and other related characters on film and television. In this documentary you will get an in-depth interview with Ilya Salkind, the father behind the madness..."

Last year I blogged about having a part in this production. My friend, Independent filmmaker, writer, and lifelong Superman and Superboy fan Rennie Cowan, is finally at the cusp of completion. I am so happy to see that she listed this documentary on the IMDB and it was extremely cool to see my name on there as one of the Associate Producers along with Sam J. Rizzo. It will also show up soon as one of the Photo Retouchers.

Rennie has more documentaries in a similar vein in the works. They are some of the ultimate tributes a fan can make. Over the past 2 years, Rennie, thanks to her determination, skills and location in California, has been enormously successful in bringing together a reunion of some of the great actors and crew of this sadly 'lost' Superboy television series. She has been getting interviews and helping set up convention appearances along with Sam J. Rizzo, another amazing Superman/Superboy fan. The fandom of the series is surely beginning to boom again. Check out Rennie's great website at Superboy Theater for all you'll ever need to know on the series. And also

Sam's cool blog website, Superboy Homepage.

Watch the trailer of 'On the Pool Patio' below!