Saturday, April 30, 2011

Voyagers!:'s that GUY!

A rousing, fast mambo tribute to the frequent players on Voyagers. How many different episodes can you spot? Blink and you'll miss them. Notice how confused Bogg and Jeff look half the time in the reaction shots. ;P Many thanks to my 'eagle-eyed' friend Dolores! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Man From Atlantis (Fan-Made Opening Credits)

I've seen enough TV in my life (Perhaps too much!) to know what opening credits are like. I used the last of my Man From Atlantis clips, getting it out of my system so to speak, (So i can get back to Voyagers! videos) to create an extended series opener. Despite varying opinions on the show, I enjoy it. Unfortunately they are no longer up on Youtube. :( The show theme music is really beautiful and does invoke thoughts of the ocean. I like this version. :)

This version below is a very nice re-mix too.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

'Lost'-The Constant Time Travel Theory

Unfortunately, embedding is automatically disabled on certain videos now. Part of Youtube's new policies. 

This was the most beautiful episode and scene of the series, and it was chock full of time travel–But not through a time machine or like device–through the stream of consciousness. From the moment he passes through an electromagnetic force field off the Island at the beginning of the episode, Desmond acted crazily and forgot where he was and who he was with. He believed it was still 1996, not 2004. This phenomenon started happening to other people on the freighter, and they also fell into insanity and died. Desmond Hume, as it is discovered throughout the entire show, is very special, on the island he had the ability to see events in the future through 'flashes' and was also able to withstand these cosmic and electromagnetic forces.

It was a really fantastic concept, as were many throughout the run of the show. Desmond was one of my favorite characters.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dolly & Duffy

I love Dolly Parton. She is a human barbie doll and she knows it, and she loves it, and her good humor and sweetness is completely contagious. She's just fun. And yeah, I'm one of the few people that seriously enjoyed Rhinestone Cowboy! People talk about how bad the film was, and how Sylvester Stallone was terrible, so out of his element. Uhh, to those folks, that's the IDEA, it was a joke! Big, New York Italian cabbie is forced to become a boot stompin' cowboy singer…he was a total fish out of water, and remained that way pretty much through the whole thing, yet it was all in fun.

But I digress. This post is about Dolly and Duffy!

Yes, this Duffy-

Not this Duffy-(Julia Duffy, who also played Nellie Bly in 'Jack's Back' on Voyagers. There is no relation)

Anyway, I found this adorable, hilarious skit from Dolly's variety TV show in the later eighties. Apparently she had a segment where she had then famous actors on and invited them to her 'house' as 'dates.' I think you'll enjoy this clip! And honestly to date, I don't think Patrick Duffy has ever played a truly bad/evil character. Goofy, dumb, a little wayward, frantic, mysterious, stubborn and headstrong, but nope, not bad! And I've seen nearly everything he's done. He's just a really nice guy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Design–Yay or Nay?

Please say YAY! Hey everyone, if you've visited since last night, you'll notice I made a lot of changes to the design scheme here. I wanted something eye-catching, yet true to my tastes for earthy colors and also what I consider to be 'Voyagers colors'-which would include some or all–brown, tan, sepia, orange, pure red, somewhat neon green, mustard/golden yellow, cream, beige, rust, black and royal blue tones. 

I'm very attached to my 'Omni malfunction' title photo, even though this is called 'Guidebook.' It has that old-fashioned and, there's that word again, steampunk, look I really like. I also added a navigation bar with links to static blog pages. Just stuff about the purpose of the blog and a page about my online interests. I may add more pages later. What would you like to see? I was thinking of a page with my favorite Voyagers videos, and possibly taking some info off my website, like bio pages for the Main characters. I can add up to ten of these pages.
I wanted to use my own background and had the perfect opportunity with using the inner cover of the beautifully designed German edition of the Voyagers DVD. Their main cover is beautiful too, but I didn't want all the colors to distract from the blog posts itself. So I chose to use an understated, beigy Bogg, Jeff and Omni! It still boggles my mind how gorgeously packaged the German DVD is compared the U.S, they sincerely put more time and effort with the carefully crafted design.

I unfortunately can't make the text bolder on the side links, but I think between the green and red on the beige it's visible enough. I wish they had an option to put outlines around other text, like the titles. But Blogger seems to be getting better with their design updates, so they may add that in time.

So, I appreciate your feedback!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Voyagers! On-set related injury…

*Update 2011: You can now read the story of what happened to Jon by Meeno Peluce himself here!
Thank you Kim for your research and persistence in getting an answer!*

I was recently given this clipping that featured Jon-Erik and Meeno talking to Peter Barton (The Powers of Matthew Star) and there is an unmistakable giant white bandage over his eye. YIKES!
Not that any injury is cool, but unfortunately that was the first word out of my mouth the second I saw it. Then I cringed and yelled out, 'Poor baby!!!' and meant it.
I couldn't remember where or if I ever heard he was injured on the show–aside from the unfortunate thumb mashing inflicted upon him by Meeno. And with a throbbing thumb, Jon picked Meeno up like a football and they filmed that running scene which we see in the opening credits. That bit of information is like Voyager lore here. Look closely, you can see said offending thumb bruised in the 'Green Light Kid, we did it!' shot.

Or how about some scraped Knuckles to go with that Hot dog and relish?

 I asked some  of the fan experts and was told that Jon mentions another on-set accident in the TV Guide interview, 'His cloud is bursting.' So, it might be in there…Nope, it's not.

**(Yes, go right ahead, that's a PDF link to download the article, my friends! I created that especially for you. I just now realized I only had it up in pages in my Voyagers photo album. PDF's make life easier, don't they?)**

It's actually a great Interview, and the one that featured Jon and Meeno on the California cover of TV Guide, in costume from 'The Travels of Marco Polo…and Friends' Though why they even mention 'Time Tunnel' is beyond me…okay, it's not, considering that was a somewhat popular time travel series prior to this one, but still, it probably threw people off.

While there is no mention of Jon nearly losing his beautiful eye, at the end the writer witnesses a fireball striking a tree just after the canons at the 'Battle of Hastings' goes off. So, for now, this injury will have to remain a mystery. It could have happened anytime. One of my guesses is during the pirate fight on the beach, or maybe even the Roman Gladiator fights. However, I decided that when I continue with my Voyagers! Marathon (I'm up to episode 5) I will look closely to spot any make-up covered bruises, have any of you noticed? Drop me a line!