Monday, May 16, 2011

Pompeii in NYC!

I was so thrilled this late, late night to find an ad for the Discovery Channel Museum in Times Square Manhattan!

Pompeii: The Exhibit will be running from now until September 2011 and I am going to this event even if I'm all by myself. (Which is actually not so bad, you can hear yourself think and spend as much time as you please.) 

The eruption of Vesuvius was an amazing and tragic part of ancient Roman history, I had also did much research on it for my Voyagers fan-fiction last year: Frozen in Time. 

I love this museum. $25.00 tickets are an excellent price to see such wonders of history. Last year when it opened I had the privilege of seeing the Titanic exhibit. The only disappointment is no pictures allowed. Perhaps it will be different on this exhibit. Still, you can see some quick clips in this video provided by the museum below. You can also check out the blog all about the eruption and read how scientists are concerned that the area is due for another eruption of Vesuvius. Scary. When I do go, I'll make sure to do a full follow up blog post on my journey to the ancient past of Pompeii.