Create your own Paper omni!

I'm so excited to post this. A fan who goes by the name of ScannerJOE on Deviant Art has graciously donated his time and talents into creating the ultimate Papercraft omni replica! This is a fun gift for the fans and we're happy to share it with everyone.

Download the link and you'll get a full set of instructions and all the 'pieces' to put together your own omni. When it's finished, it should come out looking like his below…It looks exactly like the real omni. So put your arts and crafts caps on and when you make your own, please post comments and let us know how it came out.

If the link above is broken, try this one direct from my website.


  1. i cannot get link to work please help

    1. Hello I'm sorry for the late reply. Try this link, it will download as a zip file and you can open it on your PC from there.


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