Website Exasperation!

The editing process for my Voyagers Guidebook website is tedious and it doesn't help when there are still bugs in the new Site Builder 3 design system. But look at those adorable two faces up there. Aren't they worth it?

Once every page is transferred, I have to go page by page AGAIN to make sure the text is sized proportionately and to maybe add splashes of colors here and there. I'm tired of clown sites though. You know what i mean, those sites where reading the text is like popping open a bag of skittles.

I also find myself fixing 'transfer typos.' When I switched designs, it garbled the html and leaves question marks running through certain paragraphs. If you see that junk, don't worry, I'm on it.

On top of that, some of my writing sounds horrendous in places so I need to break out the RPOD – Red Pen of Death. I've been RPODing everything I've ever written these last few months and the more I learn about grammar and such, the more neurotic I become. But that's fanfic, and frankly, sometimes you just gotta finish a story and move on. It's called improvement.

It's going to be a long, hot, website designing July. But I'm taking my time. After this I don't want to worry about the website unless it's to add new features or materials. I need to reach a happy place or medium as they say and be done with it so I can continue my current and very ambitious Voyagers! project. But I won't give details about that until I'm positively sure it will work out.