The Voyagers! – Dallas connection…

What does this show…

Have to do with this show?

Jerrold Immel composed the fantastic theme music to both of them! I never would have made the connection if I hadn't actually stopped to read the end credits of Dallas. I've only been watching it all summer. What was I thinking?

But I have to say that all that loud, triumphant brass sounded vaguely familiar. By now the Dallas theme music is iconic, it was the first of the bunch. It makes you want to get out to Texas and strike a gusher!

Voyagers! is not as iconic, but it soars just the same. It makes you want to travel through the cosmos, preferably with Phineas Bogg at your side. Immel also composed the music to the Dallas clone, Falcon Crest…and that's even more loud and extravagant than the other 2 put together!

But what does the Voyagers! credits have that the others can't beat?

The smooth and luscious bass voice-over of Jon-Erik Hexum!

Listen to all three theme songs and note the similarities –