Warner Archives Release: TIME TRAX!

Hey Time Travel fans,

We finally have the first season of adventures with 22nd Century cop Darien Lambert. Along with his computer hologram/credit card Selma this unlikely duo round up the baddies and fugitives who snuck off to 1993.

The 6-disc set is 39.99. I can't wait to watch handsome Dale Midkiff in a non-grainy, high quality format!
It began in the future. A scientist turning to evil, a time machine called TRAX, criminals who vanish and a lawman with a mission. He has one weapon and a computer named SELMA. With them he will travel to a time more innocent than his own. Now he is among us. A special breed of man, a hunter, traveling through our world searching for fugitives from his own, knowing he cannot go home until he has found them all. His name is Darien Lambert and this is his story…

Taken from: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Time-Trax-Season-1/17587#ixzz28qOcSRP5

Check out my 2010 Blog post for more info on the show. I'm so glad the fans kept voting!