Voyagers! on cable and streaming!...and a few other thoughts.

Voyagers! is coming back to cable TV. G4 is a sort of fledgling station and a division of NBCUniversal Television. It's geared toward young people, particularly boys, with a heavy focus on video games, technology, science fiction & fantasy.

This is an exciting milestone, since it's been just about 20 years since Voyagers! aired on another fledgling station that belonged to Universal – the original Sci-Fi channel.
Voyagers! Comes up in the listings as a Premiere show, along with Knight Rider (For all you retro-fans and grown-ups!) It airs in a six-hour marathon block on November 24th, 9:00am-3:00pm. If this were 1992 I'd say set up the VCRS! But if you have G4 and for some inexplicable reason don't own Voyagers! – Set up the DVRS!
Check out the G4 Listing

On a side note – It's been out for a while, but Voyagers! is also streaming on Amazon! It's free for Amazon Prime members, but the rest will have to pay $1.99 per episode. That's cool but I think it's far better to just buy the DVD box.
Voyagers! on Amazon

Can Phineas Bogg handle the 21st Century?

These are exciting times for Voyagers! fans. Our beloved show is now being made available for television and streaming media. Perhaps this can spark a renewed interest, maybe a movie or new TV series! What I would love is to write a new young adult book series. I'm compelled to write an updated version of the Pilot and present it as a Fan-fiction one of these days and see where it goes.

In my heart and mind, Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones will always be Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce, no matter what era it takes place. But the characters are not dated. Bogg is timeless since he was a pirate long-ago, and Jeffrey Jones has always been a modern kid. Now he'd simply be modern for 2013. Hey, I see his shaggy curls and stripes on every other Disney and Nickelodeon kid!
And a side-note, Swashbuckle is in again, just watch NBCU's Revolution.

Uncle Miles rocks!
There are no limits. But lets be honest, we'll never find a much better looking pirate than Jon-Erik Hexum!

Here's looking at you, kid 

That's why I'd prefer to read Voyagers! stories.

But the flip side is that with today's technology, Voyagers! on TV can be something great…again.