A SUPER release!

We've been waiting for years…and years…and it's finally here! Warner Brothers has released through their Movies on Demand catalogue, Season 2 of SUPERBOY!

Fans are jumping for joy! Granted being an MOD means it's bare bones with no extras, but the point is that Superboy is no longer in release limbo. I'm very happy for Gerard Christopher and Stacey Haiduk, TV's Superboy and Lana Lang. And the rest of the cast and crew, whom I hope get residuals.

Hopefully seasons 3 and 4 are just around the bend because they are even more super. The show got better and better as it went along. But Season 2 is frothy fun, a true comic book come to life!

I honestly believe if it hadn't been for the work of some devoted fans…I'm talking to you, Superboy Theater and Superboy Homepage , this release might have been pushed to the back burner. Don't you two wish your arms were long enough? So you can pat yourself on the back?

Buy your copy today!

SUPERBOY Season 2 on DVD