Monday, June 25, 2012

Website Exasperation!

The editing process for my Voyagers Guidebook website is tedious and it doesn't help when there are still bugs in the new Site Builder 3 design system. But look at those adorable two faces up there. Aren't they worth it?

Once every page is transferred, I have to go page by page AGAIN to make sure the text is sized proportionately and to maybe add splashes of colors here and there. I'm tired of clown sites though. You know what i mean, those sites where reading the text is like popping open a bag of skittles.

I also find myself fixing 'transfer typos.' When I switched designs, it garbled the html and leaves question marks running through certain paragraphs. If you see that junk, don't worry, I'm on it.

On top of that, some of my writing sounds horrendous in places so I need to break out the RPOD – Red Pen of Death. I've been RPODing everything I've ever written these last few months and the more I learn about grammar and such, the more neurotic I become. But that's fanfic, and frankly, sometimes you just gotta finish a story and move on. It's called improvement.

It's going to be a long, hot, website designing July. But I'm taking my time. After this I don't want to worry about the website unless it's to add new features or materials. I need to reach a happy place or medium as they say and be done with it so I can continue my current and very ambitious Voyagers! project. But I won't give details about that until I'm positively sure it will work out.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

'Destiny's Choice' Gaffes

I love finding these things. Check out the scene when Bogg first spies the prop box – that's clearly the omni in the midst of baubles and faux pearls. All he has to do is reach down and grab it.

He quickly rifles through it and yanks this out. Huh? Where did that shiny fake watch come from? It must've been Bogg's imagination.

Veronica Bliss hands Phineas the threatening letter from Sam Winthrop. Notice the writing and heading on it.

Seconds later Phineas reads aloud and it's apparent he's reading a totally different letter.

Lightning Storm

NYC experienced a slew of thunderstorms on and off all day and night. The New York Daily News posted an awesome picture of lightning striking The Empire State Building.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rare find: The Cover Up Tie-in Novel!

Nothing beats that geeky tingle of excitement when you know you found a treasure. Not just any old treasure – rubies, diamonds, emeralds in a chest, who needs them? But one related to something or someone you love The geek in me is talking in terms of entertainment. I love Jon-Erik Hexum, and obviously Voyagers! , but despite all the trauma and tragedy surrounding his second and last show, I love Mac Harper on Cover Up.

So you can imagine my glee when I discovered that in 1983 THIS was written and published in England. Nothing beats finding a Tie-in novel for a rare/cult show that makes you do a double take and jump for joy. At first i couldn't believe it, I though it was a photoshop or something. But I traced the author through the search queries of my favorite online used bookstores and there it was…

So what's going on in the book? It's a very decent play-by-play of the Pilot episode of Cover Up, with a little more plot development and a further adventure tacked on to the ending that leads the intrepid Mac and Dani to Russia. It's a fast read and faithful to the characters, but I find the humor a little dry in places. It's more about the action and spy work, but it's enough. And it's naturally unlike me and my shameless Cover Up Fanfiction, humor is one of my staples. But it's not campy, just enough to mimic the absurdity found and heard in real life. One whole Cover Up story came to me all because I overheard a co-worker making this hilarious joke about food in someone's teeth and an entire scene fell into place. Weird huh?

(I found myself on a massive final editing campaign with my older stories in the last few months. Those are coming up next. But they're all pretty much intact.)

The author of the Tie-In doesn't go ga-ga with descriptions of Mac Harper. But it's fair and adequate. I'd say your typical 'Spy' description for these types of things. And Jon fit the bill.

Chapter 7, pg. 33- Mac Harper's face, on cue, broke into a charming smile, showing a perfect row of teeth. …His devastatingly handsome features were set once more into a cynical scowl, blue eyes darkly narrowed as he prepared to do battle with the craziness ahead.
And a page over when Dani examines him to see if he's right for the job: "…she eyed his massive, six-foot-two frame from head to toe, taking in the fair hair, broad chest and long legs in blue jeans, like he was so much beef on the hoof."

One thing that made me laugh aloud was the description of Mac and Dani's handler – Henry Towler. He has a penchant for alcohol. That's exactly how I wrote him. But it helps that he often pours the scotch when you see him on the show. The cool thing about Tie-ins is that it gives you more meat and throws little facts at you. That's very useful for a Fan-Fiction writer.

This book is one of a kind and the last of its kind for Cover Up. A book series never materialized as far as I know. And it seems like it was only published and sold in England! Why is it that other countries make the BEST of what the United States produces? Check out the German version of the Voyagers DVD to see what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately most people have not seen Cover Up because it was never officially released on DVD or VHS as far as I can tell. It never will be since it uses music variations from all the hottest stars of the eighties…need I say who they are? Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Culture Club…yep, that will NEVER get on DVD.

I have been meaning to post the Pilot episode up on YT, but a lot is up there already.

I've posted clips, but instead of simply saying thank you, every one asks you to post the entire series and I'm not up for that. There are many places to get a 'hot' Cover Up DVD set. That is sadly the only way to see it. The Jon-Erik Hexum Fan Club offers Jon-Erik's episodes and the transition episode to Anthony Hamilton. That's all I needed to see anyway.

If anyone wants to read my Cover Up synopsis – head on over to my sister website Tenafly Guy, where I was given full run of the Cover up Page! I haven't had a chance to update the page, but it stands on its own. Everyone knows where to go to find pictures and memorabilia. I have a large photo album on Voyagers Guidebook for all things Cover Up. 2 albums if you count the Cover Up photo slides album. :D

So, where to buy this Tie-in book? I hunted down all the possible links and here they are for mostly very reasonable prices:

ABE BOOKS: Cover Up by Martin Noble