New Voyagers! Digital designs and sad website news…

Hey all,

It finally happened. I completely ran out of webspace after eight years. It's just not in the budget to upgrade anymore. So I decided that if and when I get new photos, art, memorabilia related to Voyagers, I will blog about it here and then if possible, I will link it to my website. I must do some big summer cleaning on my website. Which means narrowing my focus to Voyagers! It's been a long time, my web activities have really whittled these down days. It can be frustrating, but it's life and other interests. I feel like I've done a lot for Voyagers! And the truth is, I'm not even finished! I still have the Newsletter to complete. That is in my plans over the summer.

I think I can safely say after that – my Voyagers! work will have run most of its course. Unless there's a new inspiration for a video, or a story, (I haven't written fan-fiction in a year either! Ye gads!) or some rare images.

Don't worry. It will never completely disappear, not with websites like Tenaflyguy and Voyagers Guidebook on Facebook. If you join these Facebook groups for Jon-Erik Hexum, there are people posting wonderful and rare images, so check it out.

Here are the latest digital collages designed by lovely Voyagers fan, Margarita.