Richard Anderson Bio

Richard Anderson had a long and distinguished career in Hollywood, particularly in Television. But not only is he known as "Oscar" from 'The Six Million dollar man' and the 'Bionic Woman,' to Jon-Erik Hexum fans, he's also Ambassador Henry Towler on Jon-Erik's last series, 'Cover Up.'

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Richard Anderson narrated the poetic eulogy for Jon-Erik Hexum on his last episode, "Golden Opportunity."

"When a star dies, it's light continues to shine across the universe for milleniums…

Jon-Erik Hexum died in October of this year…

But the lives he touched will continue to be brightened by his light…forever…and ever…"

According to Jon-Erik's good friend, JG:

"Jon-Erik had a very good, although brief friendship with him while they worked together on Cover up. Richard Anderson was a very calming influence as things began to deteriorate on the series. he talked to Jon-Erik a lot as he began to get more frustrated with the direction of the show. He was already a TV veteran by that point and I remember Jon-Erik telling me that Anderson always gave him good advice, especially with dealing with "The suits." I think he definitely would have been one person he (Jon-Erik) would have stayed in touch with even today."