Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'V' Designs

I posed a project on the Voyagersguidebook Facebook page. I wanted a new design for the background of my website. It needs a facelift. I can't add more items to the site, but I can adjust how it looks for the new year. I already started too, if you check out my episode guide page. 

So far lovely fan Margarita came back with 12 different logo designs. I picked the 2nd one for my website right now. They are awesome! Here they are for fans to save. They would make good backgrounds for computers too.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Richard Anderson Bio

Richard Anderson had a long career in Hollywood, particularly in Television. But not only is he known as "Oscar" from 'The Six Million dollar man' and the 'Bionic Woman,' to Jon-Erik Hexum fans, he's also Ambassador Henry Towler on Jon-Erik's last series, 'Cover Up.'

Click here to purchase his bio.

Richard Anderson narrated the poetic eulogy for Jon-Erik Hexum on his last episode, "Golden Opportunity."

"When a star dies, it's light continues to shine across the universe for milleniums…

Jon-Erik Hexum died in October of this year…

But the lives he touched will continue to be brightened by his light…forever…and ever…"

According to Jon-Erik's good friend, JG:

"Jon-Erik had a very good, although brief friendship with him while they worked together on Cover up. Richard Anderson was a very calming influence as things began to deteriorate on the series. he talked to Jon-Erik a lot as he began to get more frustrated with the direction of the show. He was already a TV veteran by that point and I remember Jon-Erik telling me that Anderson always gave him good advice, especially with dealing with "The suits." I think he definitely would have been one person he (Jon-Erik) would have stayed in touch with even today."

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Making of a Male Model DVD's are here!

The Campy, trashy, and oh so eighties Aaron Spelling TV Movie ~ Making of a Male Model~ the TVM that shot Jon-Erik Hexum to National fame, is finally available on Made-to-order DVDS at Amazon!

Making of a Male Model DVD

Joan Collins plays the image of Joan Collins she'd perfected. Jon-Erik, as Tyler Burnett, truly rises above the material. Proving that there's no such thing as small parts, only small actors.

He gives a great performance as a country-bumpkin turned Cosmopolitan model. Tyler is torn between the simple farm life as a studly crop duster, and making it happen in the Big Apple with his Modeling Scout, Kay Dillon. Along the way Tyler learns some harsh lessons about the price of fame and how fleeting it can be.

Look out for a hammy but touching performance by the late Jeff Conaway as Tyler's roommate, a pitiful, washed up model. And Jon-Erik's EPIC ride into the Metropolitan sunset!

How did Jon-Erik feel about this TVM? In a letter to an acquaintance he wrote: …"kinda trashy."

HA! As of that point he hadn't seen the finished movie. But you can read the quick letter at the Jon-Erik Hexum Fan Club Website. Jon-Erik spoke about it in latter interviews which can be found in articles on both my website, Voyagers Guidebook, and Tenafly Guy.