Jon-Erik Hexum: Absurd Person Singular (Voyagers! Related article)

This is a great article about how Jon-Erik Hexum landed in Hollywood and his experiences filming Voyagers! with Meeno Peluce.

According to Jon's friend, by the time the cast made Episode 12 – "Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley play the Palace," they knew the show was cancelled, so it was a somber time filming. That's understandable, since Episode 13 – "The Trial of Phineas Bogg" – felt like a series finale.

However, we got 7 more episodes, and even the return of the show's resident villain, Voyager Drake.

You can see how the budget was slashed with less action, less time traveling, and more character driven story lines. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It's something Jon-Erik would've liked, since he was more a fan of character-driven, humanistic stories and dramas, rather than Science Fiction.
But in my opinion, the cutbacks, as well as the Television censors that cracked down on the show squeezed the some of the fun out of the series.
What do you think?