Omni Rings & Replicas!

Replica Props is at it again, this time they're offering "Omni Parts" sold at separate cost for Voyagers! enthusiasts to build their own. It's pretty cool, but also pretty expensive when you put it all together. You get your choice of globe options too. The designs are currently listed in "Beta Testing" so if you were hoping to purchase, it's best to contact the sellers first.

I also like that they sell Voyager Rings. Perhaps they give those out at Graduation from Voyager School? If they did, then Bogg must've lost his. Of course!

Voyagers Replica Props at Shapeway

Here's a digital preview of the size 9 ring for sale. They are 3-D printed and polished.

Now check out the schematics and an actual print for a 3D omni design on a website called Thingiverse. The whole concept of a 3D printer still boggles my mind when it really shouldn't. Get it? Boggles? 

It's a very cool concept for our time. It seems like you can create anything!

Check out the link and join for more instructions and information on how to print it. The artist also creates tons of other awesome replica designs, and symbols from sci-fi, Television, movies, and comic books.