Calendars! (Better late than never is all I can say.)

I have to apologize to the fans and KC. I can't believe I didn't post this on time. I'm embarrassed. (Face-palm) I've been very distracted with a big out-of-state move and re-adjusting to a new start on life in the last 2 1/2 months. So my updates have been erratic and infrequent as well as my thoughts and daily activities.

 I'd start all these little projects or green-light ideas and stories in my head, even on paper, or computer docs, then suddenly forget right in the middle and move on to something else. I've never been like that before. It almost scares me. I'm still young, but no longer the spring chicken I was (sort of) when I'd started all my major fan-work 12 years ago.

And then again, I've never been the most organized person. I'm still trying.

For the last 5 years Voyagers Guidebook's sister website, Tenafly Guy, has created beautiful Jon-Erik Hexum calendars for the fans to print out.

The year 2017 is no exception and it is my favorite of them all! Take a look for yourself, and you can also contact her to get the link to order a printed copy from Walgreens, and redesign it if you want to.

Tenafly Guy Calendar

You can even save the calendar images for next year if you wanted.

*And now I remember why I'd forgotten to post. I'd been having trouble saving images off of Tenafly Guy's website with my browsers. I combated that problem by saving the images through Safari - and clicking "save image to downloads." *

If you happen to browse KC's website and notice missing pages or dead links, have no fear. She states on the site that she's in the middle of moving to a new web host provider. With all the wonderful goodies she has to transfer, it will take her time. Since I'd started this post in January, she's gotten even more excellent pages back up!

But you can still visit her original website at  As she moves her pages she puts a disclaimer on them. There's a ton of amazing images to see and things to read on her Tenaflyguy Facebook Group page.

Here's a gorgeous sample for February!