Voyagers! — The Retroist Podcast

A few months back I found The Retroist Blog and heard a 15-minute podcast he gave on Voyagers! I was thrilled because it turned out the Retroist is a real fan of the series and has only positive and respectful memories of the show.

As i listened, I realized that a lot of the information had been researched off my website. That gave me a good feeling and I'm glad I never followed through with my vague threats over the years (mostly to myself) to shut it down. There are still plenty of fans out there who love it, glean what they can and create magic through their videos, art work, blogposts, and now Podcasts!

Podcasting is an idea I've entertained but never followed through on. Mostly because I don't like the sound of my own voice when its played back to me. To my ears it sounds like a muffled kid with a deep Brooklyn accent! (And I'm a woman in my…well, I'm older than a Millennial.)

Don't get me wrong. I'm proud of my Brooklyn roots and even have a small blog called "The Realm of Olde Brooklyn" where I make random posts about the Borough of Kings in the gilded age.

But when it came to hearing the way I "Tawk" on playback, I said "Fugheddaboudit!"

So without further adieu, I present The Voyagers! Podcast. The video has great imagery created by Justin M. Salvato of Vintage Computers and Retro Video games.