New Omni fact revealed!

A fan named Greg posted this photo from his personal collection on the Voyagers Guidebook Facebook Group.  It is a note from Voyagers creator/Producer James Parriott himself, a promo picture, and an omni!

This is a unique "Stunt Omni." These props were made of resin and painted gold. They were clipped to Hexum's belt for action scenes, like running, fighting, etc. and were often glued closed to prevent them from flopping open and off the belt - potentially injuring or stumbling the actor. The light-up metal ones with turn-dial functions were larger and bulkier and used for the close-up shots when needed.

The letter reads: "Greg – Glad you enjoyed Voyagers! We all loved making it. This is an Omni that we used for stunts (The metal ones were too dangerous.) Only 2 or 3 of these are still in existence. (I have the real omnis.) Enjoy."

Close up photos of the stunt Omni used by Jon-Erik Hexum. The 'V' and "Time waits for no man" text has faded.

You can see the glue spots.

There's still dirt trapped in the clip from many dusty action sequences.