Voyagers Language Part I – Does one exist?

It's a blink and you might miss it scene, but in The Trial of Phineas Bogg, Councilman Garth hands Bogg Jeffrey's private records for review. It explains in lovely calligraphy what Jeffrey will accomplish as an adult. At first, Voyager Drake made it look like these were his accomplishments as "Civilian" Jeffrey Jones. But in the end, it's discovered that the boy was destined to become a Voyager and then go on to greatness. It was no accident Bogg picked him up in 1982.

If you've ever payed close attention to the writing on the document, you might immediately think it's Latin. But look again. The words are barely recognizable as Latin or English. They could also be an ancient Gaelic language. Bogg and everyone else can read through them with no issues.

We learned in the 1984 "Voyager From the Unknown" TV special that Headquarters are located on "Planet Voyager." It stands to reason that they have their own written and spoken language. They do on Galifrey in Doctor Who. I'm going to ignore the fact that everyone speaks English no matter what country the Voyagers land in. You'll find that in nearly every show. I've given that a lot of thought and came up with some nifty ideas that relate to the omni's powers.

I imagine Voyager Bogg probably knows the Voyager language when he hears it, understands most of it, but he rarely speaks it. Like me with Spanish. He's most likely been trained to read it, especially if all the Documents are written that way. Or perhaps its only private records?

So, this was another fun fact for Voyagers! fans to chew on!