Os Viajantes Do Tempo!

Congratulations to Brazil! They've finally released Voyagers! just in time for the 35th Anniversary. Over the years I've learned that many, many Brazilians and those who speak Brazilian Portuguese are big fans of Jon-Erik Hexum.

Just as with Germany's gorgeous 2008 DVD release, the Box and design are lovely, colored in blended red, brown, and white to match Jeffrey's outfit. The omni image with Bogg & Jeff looks like it was taken from the German DVD cover. They'd used the brown tones I see in it.

There are additional pictures on the inner box. There's no episode booklet, however there's episode descriptions printed behind the discs. The zoom design on the discs looks fantastic too.

This a true box set, unlike, I'm saddened and a little angry to always say, the American DVD set. You know? Where Voyagers was actually created and filmed.

I'm eagerly awaiting to see if other countries will release Voyagers!

Buy the DVD here: DVD Voyagers - Os Viajantes do Tempo - A Série Completa

You can watch a video (In Brazilian Portuguese) that showcases the DVD features.