The difference in the 1982 Voyagers! credits vs. The 2007 DVD release

Years ago I had a fan explain to me the difference between these 2 versions of the opening credits. I understood him somewhat, but I hadn't seen the original 1982 credits – until now.

Here's Voyagers! opening as it aired on NBC circa 1982 - pay attention to the 48 second mark when the omni turns green on the squares.

Now here's the restored 2007 DVD release of the credits. Pay attention to the 50 second mark when the omni turns green. Notice the difference?

The change is that the original does a green fade over the clips into the omni, the DVD version does a quick cut to the omni. Neat huh? That also leaves 2 seconds unaccounted for from the original. I'm going to make a quick video showcasing the difference played at the same time.

There's another difference to look out for. In the 1982 version the last image cuts to black. In the 2007 version it FADES to black. By 1983 the show's credits had already made those 2 adjustments, so the DVD was produced using that version.

Lets try that again: Here the's last half of the credits, I posted a 1982 & 2007 release side by side.