Voyagers Language Part II – The "Universal Studios" Language

I solved the mystery of the Voyagers Language after a head scratching few days. (Technically years, but I didn't give it much more thought until this week.) It turns out It's a "Universal Studios Language." Now I have to keep an eye out on any historical Universal show documents!

Somehow the same exact text on Jeffrey Jones' historical file was found by one of the Hardy Boys. Hmm…that sounds like some good cross-over idea for Fan-fiction! (files it away in my idea morgue.)

In The Hardy Boys episode, "The House on Posessed Hill," A very young Melanie Griffith pulls out a 17th century manuscript in a creepy old house, and even reads some of it to Joe. It's supposed to be an old letter written by the former lady of the house. The Hardy Boys was a Universal Production, and they'd used the Bates house from Psycho as a stand-in.

Joe wondered if Alfred Hitchcock "knows about this place?" I love the cheesy humor on this show. I did a little digging. It turns out the house is owned by Alfred Hitchcock's Estate, so all usage of it must refer back to Psycho or Hitchcock. It can't be used for a totally different production.

Scene From The Hardy Boys. This set is no longer on a lonely hill. It's now surrounded by other sets in the Backlot. 

I can't say I'm not disappointed from bursting my own bubble. While I'm generally very impressed with Special effects and set pieces, and the artistry, I usually dislike watching all the "Behind the Scenes" of TV and Movies. It takes away that magic spark in the back of my mind that hopes it could all be real. Something like this i can't "unsee." So I know going forward i'll be on the look out for this special block of text in other Universal shows from the 70's and 80's. Who knows? It may have been used farther back in their classic films.

So, do the Voyagers still have their own written language? They're a semi-omnipotent race of people that have the power to monitor the flow time.

You bet they do!