Re-working the Voyagers Fan-Guidebook!

First, a website update:

I'm well into designing it, about 12 pages have been added and formatted. But there's lots more to be done. I'll keep you all apprised.

Since I'd decided to rebuild a fresh, new Voyagers! website a few weeks ago, I'm also going to finish what I'd started over 8 years ago. Many fans have the 8 colorful PDFs of the Voyagers Fan Guidebook Newsletter I'd designed. But a few years ago I discontinued giving the Newsletter out.

The reason: I'd always desired to publish it as a book, but at the time I guess the resources and drive wasn't there. It overwhelmed me.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." – John Lennon (a line from the lovely song, Beautiful Boy.)

I'm now very happy to say each chapter of the "VFG" is currently undergoing my first run of edits. And boy, did it need a lot of editing! Over the years I've thought of many more ideas and found other facts to add that I'd overlooked or couldn't acquire the first time. So there's plenty of footnotes and article references.

When that's complete, the manuscript will be given to a self-publishing book company that offers packages which include professional editing, formatting, cover design, and printing. Because of copyrights, I anticipate the majority of the book will be text.

When the time comes, I'll look into licensing some official Voyagers images for it. Either way, by then my new website will be up and there's this blog, and the Facebook group that already has tons of images. I may try something cute like have pages at the back of the book with empty frames that says: "Paste a copy of your favorite Voyagers! picture here!"

It will be a thrilling day when I can physically hold my first completed book in print!

I hope that when the time comes, fans are willing to purchase a copy. I've honestly put all my heart into this book and the research for it over many years. And as always, I can't thank the fans enough over the years with all their support of the website and sharing of their own memorabilia and findings. All that has added to making this book so much better.

Here's hoping for Green lights all the way! Now back to editing!