2018 – The Year of Voyagers!

Hello Voyagers!

Another year has come and gone. I don't adhere to making "New Years resolutions," but a new year always means a fresh start and chance to improve ourselves and lot in life. I hope it brings good things for all of us and the strength to weather the bad.

When it comes to Voyagers! I took the opportunity to start early, back in September. I worked on both the brand new Voyagers Guidebook website design with Wix, and finally settled my mind to continue work on the Voyagers fan book. My firm goal is to have them both ready within the year 2018. The Website is nearly done, and it'll always be a work in progress with updates and fresh ideas.

Writing the book is challenging, and with my low-level confidence it's more daunting the closer I get to the finish.

I can admit to this. This new year, personally, I need to wake up and get out from the dense dark cloud and fog I've been under for the last few years and just forge ahead. These moments can happen to the best of us at any time, but it doesn't have to conquer us.

My book is not perfect, not a tell-all, and not meant to be a NY Times Best-Seller. I'm just a fan writing about something I love. It may not have all the gritty facts and figures, but from where it stands now, the book has heart, some light humor, and a full analysis on the characters and themes. As much as I could wring out of a 1-season Children's TV series.  

A little bit of High School Memories:

I enjoy doing the analysis. In 11th grade I had an elective English class called "Supernatural Literature." But we spent 85% of the term watching Hitchcock films and dissecting them. I loved it and became an ardent fan of his work.

I'll never forget the A+++++++++ Across the page my College Now Humanities teacher gave me on an essay in 12th grade. We had to watch "The Godfather" in class, and then pick a different movie and compare and contrast all the main themes, symbolisms, etc. For whatever reasons I picked "Les Miserables" the original 1935 version, and it all worked out great.

I took a Film class in college and I really enjoyed it. The class opened me up to artsy and foreign films I might've never seen on my own. In my free time back then I was always reading books on films and filmmaking, creative writing and art. I was always invested in the art of the storytelling in a film. It doesn't have to be some avant-garde film of high caliber, I can find something to love even in the worst cheese-fest. My love for Mystery Science Theater 3000 since my teens has taught me pretty much to riff and laugh at everything if I can.

I think I have the mind of a Director and the heart of a writer.

But anyway, there's not much to be done about that at this time.

I'm determined to make 2018 the Year of Voyagers!  for myself and fans with these 2 colossal projects. I hope you'll follow along with me. I'm extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement I've received since I'd started all this 12 years ago. At the least I hope my book will be something for fans to archive. It'll be a curio to tuck on the bookshelf for a show that might've been long forgotten if true fans hadn't stepped up and ardently promoted it and actor Jon-Erik Hexum. I'm grateful to them and in 2006, I was happy to pick up some of the reins.