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Voyagers in the new Halloween film?

If you follow Meeno Peluce's Instagram: meeno_the_manyou'll know he was recently in New York City for some Photo shoots at the New York Times Building in Queens.

Meeno befriended Director David Gordon Green and posted a nice pic with him. Now, my feelers are always up for any and all things Voyagers related. So this bit of news is really interesting.

David told Meeno that he recognized him. He'd said he needed an 80's show clip as the camera panned across the television just before an intense 4 minute murder scene. (Yikes. But we are dealing with undead Michael Myers, what else would it be?) He had his pick of any one.

Imagine my surprise when David said he'd chosen Voyagers, because it was his favorite show from the 80's!

WOW. If Voyagers makes the cameo, it could spark curious moviegoers to research the show. We could be looking at an influx of new fans desiring some retro, time travel fun!

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