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This month is the centennial, or 100th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the R.M.S. TITANIC on April 15th, 1912. There are countless tributes, articles, blog posts, and events being presented everywhere this month. It's no surprise that director James Cameron has re-released his 1997 masterpiece film, 'TITANIC' in stunning 3-D to coincide with the week. I'm even buckling down to see it on Saturday. Admittedly, Titanic is not my favorite film, but it's filled with moments that are simply amazing and terrifying. I view it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to see it on an IMAX screen in 3D!

A few years ago I made a wallpaper featuring Jon-Erik Hexum in the pivotal 'Jack Dawson' role alongside Rose. I usually do those for fun and as a kind of 'What if?' for characters I would have loved to see Jon-Erik play. It's admittedly not my greatest wallpaper, but it has a certain charm.

An astute Voyagers! fan wrote to me earlier today and listed some keen observations they made between the movie 'TITANIC' and the episode, 'Voyagers of the Titanic.' When I thought about them, I realized how close the two actually are. I thought it would be cool to share the in the blog post.

1. Molly Brown urges the scruffy Bogg to "put on a jacket...and a tie"....14 years later in TITANIC, Molly Brown makes the same suggestion to Jack Dawson--but in this case, she actually provides the tuxedo (it belonged to her son). And of course, now that Bogg/Jack is dressed "respectably", he was no trouble mingling with the upper class passengers...(something that would have been impossible if he hadn't changed clothes).

2. The scenes of Bogg and Olivia fighting to survive in the bowels of the ship (and battling the evil Haggerty) as the Titanic sinks are more than a little similar to Jack and Rose's battle to survive as the ship sinks (and as they battle the evil Hockley).

3. Haggerty and Hockley...the names both start with 'H'.

4. It's worth noting that both Bogg and Jack wear "torn" tuxedos as they battle to survive.

5. In VOYAGERS!, Haggerty is desperate to keep the stolen Mona Lisa, while in TITANIC, Hockley is desperate the keep the "stolen" Rose (who has her picture drawn by Jack). Not quite a "like" comparison, but worth noting, I suppose.

6. Also of note is the movie's preoccupation with art all around. Jack Dawson was a sketch artist, Rose loved modern art and collected original Picassos (Who was hardly famous at the time as Hockley complains about her taste in artists. Good thing he got the ugly things cheap!) And as we know, the Voyager episode revolves around finding the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa.

7. A comment by another observant fan: Hockley from 'TITANIC' is also desperate to find the Heart of the Ocean jewel - it's obvious he's searching for Rose at the end more to find the jewel that he remembers he left in the pocket of his overcoat, which he gave to Rose. Granted, the jewel wasn't stolen, but it was a high-value object, as was the Mona Lisa painting.

8. In Voyagers! there is a scene of the musicians sadly but bravely playing to ease the fears of the people before the ship goes down and the camera closes up on each of their faces as they play 'Nearer my God to thee.' In 'TITANIC' there is a heart wrenching scene that shows each musician pick up their instrument and start to play for the people too–which leads into the chaos.

9. At the beginning of Old Rose's dream sequence in 'TITANIC' you see a black and white picture of Rose dressed in a bomber jacket with a scarf and goggles standing beside an airplane. in Voyagers! Olivia Dunne wore a bomber jacket too (without the goggles) hinting at her pilot past before becoming a Voyager!

10. And a last little observation, but certainly not least: Jon-Erik Hexum was called "Jack" by his close friends and family...."Jack" Hexum = Jack Dawson?

(Bogg looking so fine & anxiously roaming the halls of the Titanic.)

Of course, it's anyone's guess whether James Cameron viewed this episode of VOYAGERS!, but there are definitely some (admittedly minor) similarities if one chooses to look for them.

I would like to think that yes, James Cameron did view this episode. Why not? In making his movie I wouldn't be surprised if he told his assistants to get him every last scrap of media there available on the Titanic at that time. Voyagers! would have definitely been on that list. He and his team of writers could have watched and compared, taken notes and gotten ideas all around. Cameron's exhaustive research of the Titanic shows in the final film.

If you have anymore observations about the episode and movie you'd like to add, please post in the comments below. It's very interesting!


  1. Actually, in the incident you site - Haggerty trying to hang onto the Mona Lisa, Hockley to keep the "stolen" Rose - there's an even closer parallel: Hockley is also desperate to find the Heart of Ocean jewel - it's obvious he's searching for Rose at the end more to find the jewel that he remembers he left in the pocket of his overcoat, which he gave to Rose. Granted, the jewel wasn't stolen, but it was a high-value object, as was the painting. ;D

  2. Oops. I meant the incident you CITE, not site. My bad.


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