Leather & Clock

I don't know if I mentioned how much I love the leather aviator jacket Jon-Erik wears in the Pilot episode. I'm thrilled that a bunch of promotional photos were taken in color and black & white. You can see some on my Voyagers! History page.

A few days ago I acquired an original print from Historical Images. It also has the NBC blurb promoting the first episode. An interesting fact was that these Leather and clock photos were taken on June 4th 1982, 4 months before the pilot aired on October 3rd. Another fun fact – I turned 2 years old on June 5th.

I don't have much news regarding my future Voyagers Book, only that I need to settle some priorities and just write a little every day, even if it's 5 minutes. I was given some publishing and contact leads by an author in the business of entertainment books. It would be great if i could get some new information/interviews/blurbs from others involved with the show.