NBC's "Timeless" returns in March 2018!

It's rare that a TV series, once cancelled, gets resurrected. But it'd happened before. My most recent memory is of the NBC series Chuck. With promotional help and funding from the sandwich company "Subway," Chuck returned for 2 extra seasons back in 2012.

You also can't keep good time-travelers down. In a move that fans clamored for, petitioned for, and demanded, within 3 DAYS NBC (Those big softies!) agreed to a 2nd season for Timeless and the show makes its return on March 11th, 2018 at 10:00pm EST. I can't help but think what a fine boon that is for the actors and crew, it keeps them employed, and they feel like their work has meaning. It's times like this when we all realize that fans need to be appreciated because they are a huge driving force behind these things.

Ask Jon-Erik Hexum, who sent out hundreds of these to fans on his own, to help save Voyagers!

Timeless originally premiered on October 3rd, 2016. As Voyagers! fans know, our little show premiered October 3rd, 1982. Could be a coincidence, due to Fall network scheduling, but Timeless creator Erik Kripke has stated in Interviews that Voyagers! was a big influence for him in creating this series. Read my 2016 blog post with his interview link. 

If only that fan power and clout were as strong when Voyagers! ended in 1983. Oh well, Voyagers! is very much back in the public eye thanks to the hard work and support of fans through the decades on the internet and it just gets better. My website's been fully updated and even though time escapes me, I have not abandoned my Voyagers! book project. I need to get myself back in gear for that.

Congratulations to Timeless for getting a season 2!